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Toughees School Shoes - Classic Design - Hard Wearing
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Strong. Durable. Classic. It’s time to get Toughees School Shoes!

Toughees school shoes have been supporting children and teenagers comfortably through their school years since 1954. They’ve been the market leader for school shoes and wellington boots in Southern Africa for decades and they’re fast becoming the most talked about school shoe amongst parents in the UK. Why? Because Toughees School Shoes are:

– Made from good quality real leather
– Wipe clean and non-polish
– Available in a number of classic styles
– Great value
– Perfect for active children and teenagers

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Welcome to Toughees School Shoes UK – bringing South Africa’s number one children’s school shoe to Britain.

Toughees School Shoes – a parent’s secret weapon!

Toughees school shoes continue to walk all over their competitors in a country where children regularly walk miles to school and back every single day.

These classic children’s shoes and wellington boots have been approved by generations of families, who all trust that Toughees school shoes can handle more child’s play than other shoe brands.

Order online today and take advantage of our free delivery offer, or visit one of our many stockists.

No matter what your kids get up to, they’ll always look smart in Toughees school shoes!

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